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Flevolab Tour, photo courtesy FlevoLab
30 May 2024 

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On Thursday 11 July, we will organise a special edition of the Flevolab Tour - Land Art Edition. This unique tour is a collaboration between Flevolab and Land Art Lives.

Flevoland has a number of prominent, monumental artworks, but that is not the only form in which art and landscape are combined in Flevoland. What are the possibilities of integrating other, e.g. more temporary forms of land art in Flevoland, and how do new creators view land art?

By bus we will travel along a number of special places around Lelystad, locations where a special artistic intervention has been made and places that may require an intervention from art. What contribution can art make to this environment? In addition, you will have the opportunity to come into contact with other interested professionals and participate in inspiring conversations and exchanges.

The tour ends at the festive opening of De Baan - Exercise in Optimism, an exhibition by artist Sachi Miyachi at Kunstmuseum M. in Almere.

Date: Thursday 11 July
Time: 12:00 - 17:00 (Opening Sachi Muyachi from 16:00 @ Kunstmuseum M.)
Language: Dutch
Boarding points: Almere and Lelystad

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