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10 April 2024 

Save the date: Land Art Lives on 3 October 2024

We would like to bring you up to date on Land Art Lives: an international programme and online platform around landscape art in all its manifestations. In this programme, we aim to engage with owners, managers, policymakers, artists, landscape designers, academics and other interested parties to discuss the future of land art in an international context. Land Art Lives is an initiative of Kunstmuseum M. in cooperation with Land Art Flevoland and various partners.

Yes, I would like to stay informed

Events, conference and platform

In the run-up to the conference on 3 October, you can take part in various events throughout the country, where we look at current issues surrounding land art from different perspectives: from political to practical, from historical to policy-related, from artistic to academic. We take the outcomes to the conference. We will keep the knowledge gained alive on the online platform www.landartlives.nl.

Will we see you on 3 October?

We will announce the programme soon. Don't miss it and sign up for the Land Art Lives mailing list. We will keep you informed about the programme and you will be notified when ticket sales start.